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Tomates Beach

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Tomates Beach

Tomates Beach is considered to be the Algarve most fashionable beach because of the countless Portuguese celebrities that frequent this beach during Summer months.
At the beach the activities offer is diversified.
The name of this beach (Tomatoes) has its origin on a tomato plantation that used to exist nearby the beach and the owner of that plantation used to sell tomatoes all over the sandy area.
Tomates Beach has good conditions for Windsurfing.

Car Parking; Restaurants, Cafeteria; Toilets; Sun shelters and beach chair/bed for rent; Lifeguard during summer time.

Have you met Tomates Beach?

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Praia com bons acessos e bom parque estacionamento agua limpa e quente espero voltar muito em breve »Ler mais

GPS » N 37º 4' 35.56'' ,W 8º 8' 2.26''

  • Algarve, Praias, Albufeira,

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