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The lovely village of Penacova is situated in the Central region of Portugal, in a place of great natural beauty, right in the right bank of the river Mondego, in the top of a rocky hill, surrounded by the luxuriant Buçaco and Roxo mountain ranges.

The Penacova’s region origins are unclear. Supposedly the settlement would have developed from an ancient Castle, probably built between the 9th and the 10th century, that was probably quite important during the battles between Christians and Moors.

Penacova is still nowadays a rural village, although quite developed and modern. Throughout the region there are several small rural villages that seem lost in time, typical of this mountain side area, situated in the slopes and valleys of the mountain, that have been protecting them for centuries, like Portela de Oliveira, Gavinhos, Lórvão, Carvalho, Rebordosa, Sanguinho, Felgar or Besteira, among many others.

The landscapes are truly the main highlight of the region, with several viewpoints like the Raúl Lino Viewpoint, with an astonishing view over the fantastic Mondego river, or the Penedo de Castro, as well as other natural viewpoints in the Atalhada and Aveleira mountains, from where one has a great panorama.

Penacova also presents an Etnographic Museum, perfect for the knowledge of the region and its traditions, and also a great set of Windmills and Watermills present throughout the municipality.

The region offers wonderful spots like the Raiva and Aguieira Dams, forming great ponds with great conditions for the developments of the most diversified leisure and tourism activities, with the astonishing Buçaco Mountian nearby.

Have you met Penacova?

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Dois dias no Paraíso!!!

Esse lugar e um paraíso.Almocei no restaurante.. o cortiço ,almocei tambem,no restaurante. a côta, Conheci a barragem ..Tenho muitas fotos tiradas em diverços lugares aí em Penacova,mas não tenho… »Ler mais

GPS » N 40º 16' 14.13'' ,W 8º 16' 53.47''

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