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Alvados Caves

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Alvados Caves

The Alvados Caves were discovered in 1964 by a group of workmen from the surrounding chalk quarries that, as throwing a stone to a small hole, realised that it actually was quite deep.
Situated in a chalky region, right in the heart of the Serra de Aires e Candeeiros Natural Park, the Alvados Caves are comprised by a sequence of rooms of stalagmites and stalactites with quite suggestive names.

According to several studies, this Caves might have more than 180 million years old, formed in the mid Jurassic period, when dinosaurs inhabited this region.
The average temperature inside the Caves is about 17ºC, and throughout the Caves a special lightning and background music enhances the beauty of this natural wonder.


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GPS » N 39º 32' 21.97'' ,W 8º 45' 8.3''

  • (Alvados)
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