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Capelas is a lovely small village in the Ponta Delgada department, on the rough northern coast of the amazing São Miguel Island, Azores Archipelago.

The village is famous for its ancient Whale hunting that for many years was one of the main activities and richness of the region, as it is still visible nowadays in the Whale Factory in Poços de São Vicente Ferreira.
Whether by its vast network of Watch points (“vigia”) situated throughout the Island’s coast, as from the several industries related to the Whale hunting, such as the cachalot oil and powder factories, (nowadays in ruins) the Whale hunting defined for the second half of the 19th century and much of the 20th the subsistence of these people.

Capelas is proud of its beautiful natural panoramas, with superb views over the vast Atlantic Ocean, and also of its lovely architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the Mother Church or Nossa Senhora da Apresentação (16th century), or the Chapels of Santa Ana, Santa Rita, Nossa Senhora do Rosário or Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

Have you met Capelas?

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GPS » N 37º 50' 13.2'' ,W 25º 41' 20.4''

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