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Castro Laboreiro

Castro Laboreiro is a lovely small village located in the North of Portugal, in an area of great natural beauty, with quite ancient origins, also know because of it Dog’s Breed: the Castro Laboreiro Dog, usually bred for the protection of cattle and sheep.

The village’s toponym derivates from ancient periods, from a Hill Fort (“Castro”) and a latin word, sign of the Roman occupation time, and also an important Roman road passed through Castro Laboreiro.
Throughout the region there are about 100 megalithic vestiges attesting ancient human occupations.

Castro Laboreiro is a rural small village with interesting monuments like the pre-Romanesque Mother Church of Santa Maria da Visitação, dated from the 9th century, situated right in the village’s centre, or the ancient Castle, the Manueline Pillory (dated1520) or even the several old bridges present throughout the region like the Old Bridge (Ponte Velha), the Dorna, the Capela, the Cava Velha, the Celta dos Portos, the Varziela or the Cainheiras Bridges.
Another important heritage in Castro Laboreiro are the several Wind and Watermills, the interesting Communitarian Ovens and the many “Espigueiros” (granaries). Espigueiros are used to store corn, raised from the ground by pillars ending in flat stones to avoid the access of rodents, the ventilation is allowed by the grooves in its walls, and at the top of each “espigueiro” stands a Cross, representative of divine protection for its contents, survival of the community, "our daily bread".

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